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We are just updating and putting on the finishing touches - in the meantime watch our most requested webinar on Authentic Networking. This was filmed a number of years ago and it is interesting just how timeless the strategies are. THAT is how you truly build an exceptional network - and one that LASTS - even through all the recent changes to social media!

Don't just take my word for it ...

Trica D'Costa

Financial Controller

Natixis Investment Managers

"extended my voice"

Kim is down to earth, engaging and insightful, with a real understanding of her field. Her wealth of experience lends to a keen perspective and understanding of corporate situations and the ability to navigate them, with her observations and recommendations for handling situations as well as for building a personal brand being astute and savvy. networking and interaction required. She has provided me with tools to further develop my personal brand and extend my voice so that I may build on my career with conviction and direction. It has been a pleasure working with Kim and I look forward to continuing with her, as well as recommending her to anyone seeking to advance their own career.

Emma MacTaggart


Boogie Books Pty Ltd

"manageable and achievable"

To say Kim has extended a lifeline to Boogie Books is an understatement!”

She has stopped us sinking into the abyss – one considered step at a time. Her thoughtfulness in fully interpreting my ability / lack of ability has meant each to-do step is manageable and achievable. With a huge dollop of focus on very personal development in areas such as self-esteem and self-belief, she ensures that at the end of each power session, I am unwittingly armed with an incredible list which is driving me forward, yet I honestly believe I can do this! It is exciting to have a sounding board with responses richly peppered with industry experience, powerful insights and genuine concern. 

Kim Larochelle

General Manager

The Helmsman Project

"relationships are key in life"

Relationships are key in life… It’s all about who you know! I was very fortunate to meet Kim McGuinness through her networking and mentoring work and it has been a blessing to receive her guidance. She has incredible experience, deep knowledge and a true passion for helping people connect, learn and share. I truly admire her authenticity, genuine care for others and ambition. She knows how to nurture her relationships and she guides others to do the same. With Kim’s support, I have grown a strong and reliable network which has become a source of personal and professional development. I’m very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend her work.

Sasha Boe

Managing Director

RETS Pty Ltd

"I was spinning in circles"

I reached out to Kim when I finally realised that after running a business for 15 years I couldn’t get any further on my own. I had become stuck in a rut. I was spinning in circles as I had more and more to do, yet seemed to be getting less and less accomplished. Kim helped me untangle the messy ball of string that my brain had become. First and foremost Kim listens. Every month she listens to me download. Her guidance and support helps me to develop and implement clear, manageable strategies to move forward. She makes me accountable.

Each month she provides feedback, advice and the occasional well needed kick up the pants to get moving. Her knowledge and understanding in the areas of marketing and technology are in depth and this information has assisted me greatly. Kim is professional, warm, kind and is passionate about bringing out the best in people. It is a pleasure working with her.

Kate Tribe

Senior Manager

Commonwealth Bank

"insightful and filled with experience"

The feedback we received about Kim's workshop was amazing and people were still talking about how her presentation was insightful and filled with her experience several weeks later. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim.

Debra Sinclair


Liquid Mango Consulting Pty Ltd

"the workbook is powerful"

I’m loving your Networking course. Such valuable information. The program has highlighted areas I’m working on now to further improve and develop. I really enjoyed the Master Plan lesson and the workbook is incredibly powerful for developing a successful networking strategy.

Peter Wilkinson

Managing Director

SamWilko Advisory Pty Ltd

"I now see my $1M business"

I reached out to Kim to mentor me in building my personal and business brand. I now know what my $1M PA business will look and feel like and am very grateful for Kim’s contribution to the journey.

Sean Grobbelaar

Experience Director

Entrance Lakehouse

"take action on being a better networker"

Kim is a leader and inspiration in the networking space. Her presentations are insightful and make you take action on being a better networker.

Lynne Hughes

Marketing Manager

APP Projects Pty Ltd

"grow skills and sphere of influence"

Kim is a highly respected networking specialist, with a passion for supporting managers through the company she founded, Network Central. She is an organisational dynamo and creative genius, with a sharp eye for detail. Her natural warmth, generosity and intelligence draw people to her and she relishes the opportunity to assist managers grow their skills and sphere of influence through networking.

Felipe Jara

Leadership Consultant

People for Success Pty Ltd

"re-think what I know about relationships"

The Networking course is making me re-think what I know about relationships. Kim’s passion and authenticity can be felt in every module of the course making it so easy and engaging to keep up with the material. The content is very clear, the slides are simple and to the point. The workbooks are a perfect tool to take the theory to the practical world and get hands on with what’s being presented. Thanks for the effort on putting it all together in such an attractive way.

Nice to meet you...

My name is Kim McGuinness and I am so happy you're here! The fact that you are on this page shows me that you value yourself and your relationships. It shows me that you are ready to grow and move forward. 



Kim McGuinness


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